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And, the vision blurred, Kashiv, the intruder, waited for the cloud of mischievousness to pass off the simpleton’s face.

The hour was getting late and he had no intention to stay there with those two maniacs. But, the question had already put a spell on him and the answer would, he anticipated, release him from the bondage. And, to add to it was the look on the tall man’s face. The smile. What were the words behind that smile? Kashiv wished he could shake them and ask them to finish what they had started, but, he did not know if they were for real.

The wise man sat absolutely at ease, no hurry, no worry. He waited.

The silence was finally disturbed and the tall man spoke or rather, asked, “Now that we have known each other for quite some time, you tell me, who you are?”

This was, of course, not what Kashiv had expected for an answer, and, he knew this wasn’t what the other had contemplated the possibility of as a reply. Kashiv held his apathy on his eyes and watched the setting sun with a certain longing. This dialogue wasn’t going anywhere, he thought, and neither was he.

Is this not the question we ask, each day, consciously or unconsciously, to ourselves, and now when he was so close to the answer how could he, leave.

The short man, however, was not affected by the sudden change of events. And, he smiled, the first time Kashiv had seen him do the act, the smile was a fragrance of all knowing, the fragrance all the flowers have but, only a few flowers are overwhelmed by the smell, which gives them their identity.

And the man with graying hair spoke, with an air of finality, “I am the seed primordial, and you, the crop, real”, he added, “and now that we’ve been together for so long a time, you, know who you are.”

The few stars above were all bright, for everyone underneath, and, the bliss of realization was there to be seen on both the beings, Kashiv and the simpleton. Kashiv, did not care what the sun was doing, setting or rising, he had found home, and the food for his hungry inquisitiveness.




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