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And in the dead of night, when the moon shone in all the brightness of the sun, and, in return the moon decreased the opacity, the wind from the broken glass of the window, where a memory of the stone that hit the heart of the glass remained, fluttered the innumerable wings of the diary, each thought in the page flying in the atmosphere, free and defiant.

My own white sky with black stars, this was the name given to the diary.

As if a gigantic vacuum cleaner had sucked in all the air of the night, the wind abruptly stopped blowing and the night was still, like a free flowing ball hanging in mid-air, and so were the fluttering pages of the diary.  The page where the diary remained open had some scribblings in a dirty hand, hard to read but not impossible. Like the randomness of the stars in the night sky, the words were scattered on the paper. And then a soft wind suddenly whispered, through the spine of the diary, as if, trying to make sense of the words.

And now, when you look at 

the ceiling, you

See a thousand different 

Stars trying to peep in


Trying to get a glimpse of you,

Wanting to make love to you

And hold you in its arms till


And when you see all this, you

Believe not in what you see

But what you

Don not see, you

Believe in the nothingness

That is surrounded by the

Walls and mud ceiling.


Know, within you, that this is

Not what you see,

You know this is not what you

Meant to be,

You know this nothingness

Holding you is not


You know that the stars that


Through is what it is, but you


You have been made like

That, you cannot see

The stars wanting to make 

Love to you, you agree

To the limit that has been

Defined to you.

You are just you. And then

When you forget all that you have 

Learned and you

Look beyond and realize that

the limit is not you

But, you are the beginning of

The whole affair of the 

Universe, you

Are the universe, limitless.

But realising this is not

Enough, you

Have to be insane to step that

Way and forget

All that you

Have learned.

And there, at the end of the page was a rough signature of Kashiv.



*Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.-Rumi

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3 thoughts on “BE NOTORiOUS *”

  1. “But, you are the beginning of

    The whole affair of the 

    Universe, you

    Are the universe, limitless.”

    This is, hands down, the best poem I have ever read. I know that’s saying something and saying a lot, but oh boy, do I mean it! Sometimes, someone else can put to thought and words exactly what you want to hear… That’s what your magical words have done here… Magic. This blog is magic! 🎆


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