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And there is a diary in the book shelf that belongs to Kashiv; Dreams, it is named in that hurried hand of his. And if you read, flipped through the pages you wouldn’t find any date nor would you know one dream from the other, it would go on like one continuous dream. Just like… Continue reading i KILLED ME

life, loss


    And on the window were gathered faces, excited and expectant. Their eyes were sad and unfulfilled. On the floor inside the room lay the ball, miles away from the reach of the children, static and expressionless. The glass was broken where the ball had hit the window, leaving a hole never to be… Continue reading THE SENSE OF LOSS

novelty, Preconceived ideas


And when through the open door, looking out into the open, rushed in an unbridled and obstinate wave of air it swayed the calendar with it, taking it along, to where the air was travelling. But the lonely nail held the calendar where it hung, just like the rod that held the curtains where it… Continue reading RANDOMNESS