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And I don’t know why but I feel there is nothing called gravity, at least not the way we are fed. I see the world upside down (I know many see it this way, but I mean it), as if my feet are the top most part of my body and the head, well… This is how I see it. Now, coming back to gravity, the meaning and the definition of the word doesn’t mean what it is supposed to mean in my world, the world where land keeps us from dropping in the void, the sky, hence, the gravity doesn’t pull us, the gravity lifts us.

No it is not the same thing. Everything stops to be what it is. The stars are the diamonds we find in the coal mines and the diamonds are the stars we see in the sky. The treasures, to be found in the oceans, are an expedition to know the beginning of us, the origin. The formation.

I have been disturbed and I feel I am going mad. But, then madness becomes sanity.

The sun is then indeed the centre and we glow from within. The earth is the universe and the ocean, well, it is inexplicable. Everything ceases to be what it is, Death too. The soul goes back to the core of things and the body is thrown away like a worn-out-dress. Death becomes the Birth, and a reason for happiness and celebration and Birth, well…

But to me, things now start to take shape. I understand why water is the progenitor of life and why thoughts are called water. Our head has to be in the bowels of the things and the legs ready to liberate the life inside us. According to the Hindu mythology the third incarnation of Vishnu was Varaha, the boar. Vishnu, the Preserver and the God of protection, took the Varaha incarnation to fish earth out of an ocean, where it was hidden by a demon Hiranyaksha, lifting it on its tusks. The image of Varaha depicts Vishnu as a boar with the earth on its tusks. This story can be seen as an event or symbolism. But to me at this moment it fans the fire of my postulation.

The sun represents fire and it is in the centre of the universe, the earth, like a dot in a circle. The fire is there in our body too, like in the earth, right in the centre; the fire burns and heats us up. Emotions are there in the centre of a verse, poetry. This earth is a universal poetry, a universe, the poetry that hibernates inside us, in each one of us. Our job is to be the Varaha, rescue the earth lying deep in the body made up of water. Emotion is the sun. Our thoughts are the water to sail onto, the road to redemption, the way to introspection and the way to get out of the circle of rebirths.

I am confused with this upside down and distortion of things. But, then distortion is order.

We are a rhythm that makes the verse sing. We are, together with everything, the uni-verse. If a rhythm is off-key, the universe is suspended, the earth stops being a poem. We are like the musical notes, hanging, self assured and unique, but just a note, to realize our tune we have to release the verse within us, the poetry within us.

The gravity, for the sake of whatever it is, holds us to the ground, reminding us of our birth. The birth we detest.

I now know why fishes are sacred. Fish represents all that is liberated. Fish remains in the water yet has an identity of its own. But we are lost, swimming and sailing and occasionally drowning, but never really doing it.

This is a new world I have formed in the water of my head where the fishes are then the birds, free and flying and the birds, well…


Kashiv opens his diary to the middle page, where this entry is, and folds it inside out. The middle pages are now the cover and the cover, well…


viraha fish




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