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“And today is no different”, she said.

Like a mathematical assumption, let the girl be X. Let her be X because I really do not know her name, or what she liked herself to be addressed in. She sat there on the lonely bench, holding a copy of The Liar’s Weave by Tashan Mehta. Intrigued by a reader holding a book I came up to her and asked her what she was reading.

“Nature”, she said.

I asked her why wasn’t she reading what she was holding and if she did not want to read what she was holding why she was carrying it. For the first time in the whole episode of my seeing her and walking up to her and talking, did she look at me. But she did not utter a word and got back to doing what she had been doing. I had a feeling of being and encroacher straight away; feelings and emotions travel faster than light. She wasn’t an intriguing reader any longer; she was an arrogant and full-of-herself girl, this X. I apologized for trespassing on that little castle of her, and turned around to walk away. Walk away to that little haven of mine.

“Do you know what this is about?” she asked.

I turned around and saw her looking straight at the lake, dirty and wild. She was diving in and bringing up invaluable pearls, only through her eyes. She was reading the nature. She held the book up and said that the book was about a young boy who told lies and shaped his future and in the process shaped the future of others too, aware and unaware. No one could look through the lies and the young boy, Zahan Merchant, had just lied his brother back to life. She told me she did not want to see how the book ended, at least not now. And so, she set herself now to reading the nature that held meaning to this and everything that has happened to her. X was back to being what she was for me, Intriguing.

“She was the reason, the one behind the veil”, she said.

I asked her to elaborate, only if she was willing to because I did not want to be an intruder. She smiled. She smiled and I was embarrassed. She talked with her expressions more than she talked with words. She looked faintly familiar but I kept that thought hidden in the dungeons of my tired brain. She told me the veiled girl had come to her work place one day and they had gone out for lunch and that was it, her life was changed forever. A new character, a girl, walks into our equation. Now, let her be Y. X told me at length about which restaurant they had been to and what they had ordered for lunch. She told me, they had ended up ordering the same thing in different sauces, aware and unaware. That day she did not go back to work and had come to this very place where we were now talking, talking about Y. They had stayed late till the stars shone brightly in the night sky and the lake glimmered in their shine. They talked and X tried a million times to see the face behind the veil, but all she could see were the bright eyes.

“I was mesmerized and hypnotized at the same time, and even though I did not know who she was, I went where she took me”, she said.

The hour was getting late and somewhere faraway I heard the laughter of the flowers, going to sleep. I asked her how had this anecdote that she related had changed her life, changed her life forever. She said Y just stood up in the middle of their conversation and walked away toward the lake, towards what may be the little home of hers. She waited that night for Y to come back but she never did. X had walked towards the lake but found no path that lead to anywhere. She came back to this very bench where they had sat and made sure she wasn’t hallucinating. She walked home, took a shower and a day off from work and lay on the bed. When she woke she was still alone but new. Everything around her was the same but was now new and fresh like her. Y had talked about everything in this world and had all the answers. She said she has changed from being what she was and now she can see through people for what they actually are. When she reads she knows what the brain of the writer is like, where the writer was when he wrote what he wrote. She feels herself in everything and everything in her. She said she just comes back here to meet Y one last time and ask one last thing to her that who she was or is. X asked me to sit beside her now that she had finished her tale. She asked me to look at the lake, the one behind the veil of leaves of the trees. She told me she came here always at around the same time, to find that last small missing piece of the puzzle. She had come here yesterday too.

“And I will be here tomorrow too, today is no different. I will come here until I find her”, she said.

And Kashiv has no idea how this paper came in his possession. But he has now kept is safe, stuck on one of the pages of his diary. There is a note below this page in Kashiv’s hand- FIND Y…! 

Image courtesy: Pinterest

103 thoughts on “BEHiND THE VEiL”

  1. “I turned around and saw her looking straight at the lake, dirty and wild. She was diving in and bringing up invaluable pearls, only through her eyes.”

    You write so beautiful! It is your writing that is ‘intriguing’!
    The pictures you select for your posts each time reveal that you have an eye for it! 😊

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    1. Isha, you’ve got a way with words.. your insight and comment always makes me feel so good about my work. Thank you so much!! You’re indeed very kind… And your talent is unmatched..

      Liked by 2 people

  2. She smiled. She smiled and I was embarrassed. She talked with her expressions more than she talked with words. She looked faintly familiar but I kept that thought hidden in the dungeons of my tired brain. She told me the veiled girl had come to her work place one day and they had gone out for lunch and that was it, her life was changed forever.

    I love this so much… I’m so reblogging 💘

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      1. Haha.. there are a few things I want to experiment in my blog before I look to get printed as a book. Well, the idea has been playing with the blood in my head for quite sometime now and I have the subject and matter of my book ready. It’s waiting for me to blow the conch.
        Now, having said that, I would as I said, first want to continue writing in the blog for sometime.
        Thank you once again, Winnie! 😊


      1. You’re welcome! I think it feels very familiar in a way to a lot of people, for those who are open to chance encounters and those who are deep thought conversationalists and derive much meaning from life and seek to enhance it somehow. Yet you word it so eloquently, the mark of a writer with a true gift who leaves you hanging on every word. I look forward to reading more!

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      2. Thank you for that, Alice! You said it, enhancement of your life depends on how you take it and understand it. Life is mysterious and so is everything around us and we are connected to this mysterious world by our mysterious life. And to top it everything is beautiful, especially when we understand things and their working.
        I hope you will not be disappointed while you visit KASHiVOLOGY.

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      3. Well said. I can never be one of the ignorance is bliss types. Even the misery adds to the depth of life and I’d rather live life with as much knowledge and depth as I can while I am here. Every experience adds to a deeper understanding. Negative experiences are character building and provide for a more well rounded view of the world and better relation to everything that is. Yin and yang. I am sure that I won’t be disappointed!

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      4. True that. “Even the misery adds to the depth of life”. This is how I would like to go about my life too… And the thing is it is interesting and exciting to see how this world of life and death works. Like you said there is no light without the knowledge of darkness and positivity is actually the understanding of negativity. A man is sober when he knows what is ill and bad. So yes, Yin and Yang .😊

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  3. Reading and re-reading! A good work is one which takes you along with it throughout the essence of what one has written. I could literally picturize every single moment of what was described by you. Such great detail! Thank you for such a pulling post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. What better than a reader who re-reads and gets to places the writer writes about. It’s really a great thing. Thank you so much and your quill writes great images. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much. I am so excited and happy to be nominated but I am not doing awards now, so please excuse me.
      Your nomination has however made me pursue writing more passionately. Thanks a lot.


  4. You are a charmer, a magician of words. I had fallen head over heals with your words. They create a mesmerizing effect & i am drowned in those desires of being the same insane girl whom you describe so Beautifuly……Lovely posts. Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had this moment, where my skin was covered with goosebumps. That moment was while reading you words of praise. They lift me in my own eyes. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment, thank you so much, this is really wonderful!😊😊


  5. Long time, since my visit to this blog. And i regret, why did I leave this long gap. As usual amazing post from an amazing writer. I was on the edge of my seat when I reached the last line. Mystique and having retained it till last line was real treat. Great work Vikash.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been a long time, indeed. Even I have not been a regular lately but now I am here. Well, thank you Anamika for such a nice compliment. Even I need to catch up with your work… 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha… I am ardently waiting for ur visit and ur highly valuable sincere comments☺. Visiting ur blog has always boosted me with the quality of ur work. So ciao till i c u nxt either here or in my blog. Till then TC.

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    1. Yeah, I found the picture on Pinterest and it had an eerie resemblance to the character of my story and I immediately downloaded it. She is captivating and we, you and I, are under her spell…

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  6. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


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