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And on the seventieth floor of the skyscraper was a room numbered 7T57 that is where I had come to. As I put the key and pushed in the door of the room, it opened out to a garden, well, that was what it looked like. There were chairs and tables of polished wood and benches of fallen trees; there were dogs in kennels and cats in shoe boxes and monkeys on trees and squirrels on run. The room was huge; the garden was a universe in itself, endless and unfathomable. I was mesmerized and could not wrap my head around what I saw before me. I stepped into the room numbered 7T57.

I was cautious lest the grass under my feet be an illusion and I fall down forever but as my foot hit a firm but soft ground I believed in the freshness of the reality. I walked a bit and came to a table which had a lone chair for a company. A cup of hot tea and a couple of books lay on the table, Murakami’s Hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world and Wilde’s The picture of Dorian Gray. The set-up was inviting and the chair looked reserved for me. I knew I had paid to be in the room but I was not sure that everything and every moment in the garden was mine. I sat down on the chair and opened a book and started sipping from the cup, a sense of déjà vu hit me; I had been here and done this. I looked around and saw a table like the one I was sitting at but the things on the table were not disturbed and the chair was not occupied, it was strange and exciting at the same time. I looked at the door I had come in from and there stood a man, exactly like me, staring down at the ground. Every time I was making a decision, I was leaving a memory, I realized.

Déjà vu made sense.

My world was not only what I was conscious of but all that I had left and all that I wished to get.

I am not the only one version of me but all that I chose not to be. They were all living and were getting to their own destiny.

And here I was conscious of only one me.

Everything around me started to make sense. It was frightening and interesting. I left the table and decided to take a walk around, bold and daring. The fragrance from the flowers came strongly to me and the chirping of the birds was louder now. I ate from the apple trees and drank from the clear streams. And as I walked scratching the itch from an insect bite on my arm I saw things strewn on the path. A scarf, sunflowers, sandals and a few other things those were not clear from where I stood. The grass was disturbed and in the distance shone dew drops on grass. I came upon it and the drops tasted of nectar. I gathered the things and put them on a table to take them with me out. The beads of perspiration felt good on my forehead and the realization of the moment had an orgasmic effect. Satori. The ephemeral ecstasy and the perpetual memory made me believe in the world inside me. The arms of the world were open for me to enclose me in a tight hug. Everything was tangible hence, everything was real. But trust and belief are abstract and so is the soul. We pursue the intangible throughout our conscious life and the momentary tangible material is soon left in oblivion. All these played in my mind as I travelled the valley drenched in the sweetness of the honey. I climbed the mountains and slept on the ice peaks for what seemed an eternity. This was my home, my heaven.

I woke up and found myself trapped in a maze of mirror walls, I ran hither and thither and bumped into myself everywhere that I went. The place was filled with innumerable me and each image of myself was only created when I came in front of the mirror, in short I was the progenitor of the entire race. And as I ran amok bumping into myself time and again, I understood that the way out was not through this labyrinth but somewhere else, somewhere inside and high above. I stood still and closed my eyes and opened them to look above.

The trap is but a way to freedom.

I opened the door out inside the building and walked down all the stairs of the seventy floors carrying the scarf. The key to my room still lies in the breast pocket of my shirt.

Kashiv shuts the diary and bookmarks the page with a dried up fragrant sunflower.

Image courtesy – Pinterest

46 thoughts on “THE WALK”

  1. You’re intelligent without the vice of being showy, and wise without even trying! Mellow, masterful, magical, mystical, musical… Your words are it. There’s no one that can write like you – something your readers know by now to be a given. Congratulations on yet another, awaited – yet worth it – piece of art! 👏
    Also, the accompanying pictures are magnificent! Bravo, amigo!

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    1. Ah, coming from an amazing writer as you. This got me blushing and put a permanent smile on my face. I know it’s been a while, and this post was a welcome rain for me. Thank you so much for your kind words, Isha!

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    1. Yeah, you said it! “Wrapped in exquisite fantasies”. We must be contemplative and accepting, because this universe has so much to offer beyond the tip of ice-berg that we think is the world.
      Thanks a lot for appreciating.

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  2. I was felt with a sense of refreshment after having it served with such a good art.. I was conscious of only one me.. and deja vu made sense.. very very convincing…a very smooth way of putting words down .. congratulations…👍

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    1. Thanks Nikz! As we know everything around is a part of us, but we believe in the singularity of our being. This is losing a greater part of our life. Deja vu is moving in circles until we realise we are trapped. Only when we know we are trapped can we think of an escape…

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  3. Such a dreamlike ambience in this story! It’s comforting to see inside someone else’s mind and find that we are not alone where reality and dreams merge, to help us understand our place in the universe of self and everything-ness. Thank you, Vikash.

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    1. Dreams are an escape to the reality, paradoxical but food-for-thought. You’ve indeed got to the depth of the thought in this post.
      Rumi said, “what you seek is seeking you.”
      Thanks for liking and commenting😊.

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  4. Pure magic! Simply captivating! It makes me think of a quote by Gregg Braden, “Quantum science suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present.”

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  5. Hey Vikash, its been a while, since I had entered the KASHiVOLOGY land. And the coming back was greeted with a bang which I had forgotten had always existed in KASHiVOLOGY land. I was mesmerized as usual like a wide eyed child in your land. Vikash, your intrinsic way with the words still intrigues me. Should I say more, when I say I realised, how much I had missed your KASHiVOLOGY land…..

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