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And the blind man moved enthusiastically, unafraid through the speeding, morning traffic.

The horns honked and the shouts played, but, nothing could get to his stubborn head. He appeared unhurt on the other side. Little did he know of the end that waited for him. He had gone there to meet his lover, and then wait for his end.

He stood on the pavement lost and incomplete. What he never wished for, he wanted that tonight. The need was resolute and he started poking his eyes. He thought, “Maybe the pain and the wound will give me sight”.

Nothing was announced and nothing was felt. So, he sang to his Gods to answer his prayer.
And an old man stood in front of his eyes. Grey hair and bright black eyes on a wrinkled face troubled by time.

” I am no God, but, a traveller in time. I have seen it all and I know your crime. I can see you fell and you will fall again. You will be hurt, but, so must you remain. You are blind because you chose to be, just open your eyes and you will see. I will tell you a story you won’t want to hear, but you must, and rise above your fear. There was a man, a stupid one I must say, burning himself each day with the sun’s golden rays. He indulged in verses and vices as such, and about the wine, he cared not much. And, one day it rained and covered him in blisters, he waited for the sun to give him his glisters. The flood rose high drowning everything in sight, his pages floated by to his utter fright. His poems were gone and so was the sunshine, now his solace lay strong in the abandoned wine. Little by little he lived on what was left, but nothing could mend that ubiquitous cleft. And one day he resigned and took to wine, slowly he was fine as if by design. Now, you tell me of this what you think, the world can change when the glasses clink. Love is a commodity that can’t be bought or sold, this bird is a feeling, you can never hold.”

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