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And the wind doesn’t stop, doesn’t stay, and doesn’t wait. It has to travel like the thirsty traveler that it is; it has to go on and on, and meet people and places. Challenge the mountains and change courses of rivers. The wind has seen it all, and knows what is next. The wind is… Continue reading THE WRiTER

father, life, loss


And the stars shone last night unlike any other night. Last night before dozing off to yet another troubled sleep, I looked out of the large window into the dark night with bright sky twinkling with myriad stars and I had a feeling to belong. The vastness of everything around me, the sky, the glass… Continue reading UMBRELLA- iN SUN AND iN RAiN

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  And the page lay on the grave, the dead seemed to read and absorb each word written on it. Nothing could destroy the ink, not even the overnight rain. There are things that remain, and have always been, always present even after catastrophes and nature’s furies, just like the letters on that page. The… Continue reading THE CONFESSiONS iNSiDE THE BOX

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And in the dead of night, when the moon shone in all the brightness of the sun, and, in return the moon decreased the opacity, the wind from the broken glass of the window, where a memory of the stone that hit the heart of the glass remained, fluttered the innumerable wings of the diary,… Continue reading BE NOTORiOUS *